“Embrace the Unity of Opposites”

Black Dove is inspired by the “Unity of Opposites”. The idea of finding harmony between two opposing forces. Pure organic vodka, 5 times distilled,  is matched with dark, intense natural cherries. Black Dove finds balance in chaos and believes good things can come from conflicting paths. We support the people doing things differently, defying convention and finding inspiration in unlikely places.


There’s a method to our madness

Our spirit is made using rainwater from the Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia. It’s distilled 5 times before being charcoal filtered and infused with natural tart montmerency cherries. A hint of almond oil is added before we bottle the vodka at 40% alc/vol.


We use 100% natural cherry juice with no added sugar or additives to get the sweet tart taste. We don’t use preservatives and although the alcohol preserves the cherry, for the freshest flavour we advise consuming within 12 months.

Always innovating. Always challenging.